Respite care at Silver Birch can be a wonderful way to care for your loved one.

Respite care is a short-term stay, lasting from one to several weeks. Respite breaks can be planned to give the regular caregiver time for a holiday or unplanned, in cases of emergency such as post-operation care after discharge from hospital.

Often, a respite break is arranged to give a carer a holiday from their care-related duties. This is particularly common when friends or family members are acting as a carer and allows them time to look after their own health and well-being.

  • Experience a change of scenery:
    Much like enjoying a whole host of interesting activities, a simple change of scenery can be extremely stimulating for anyone wanting respite care. Silver Birch is designed to make you feel at home. It is decorated by an award-winning interior designer to feel luxurious and we have created wonderful gardens.
  • Socialise:
    One of the most beneficial aspects of taking a respite care break at Silver Birch is the increased social interaction. After spending the majority of one’s time with their carer, a short respite break is a good opportunity to speak to new people. Our Railway Tavern is also a must-go place to socialise and enjoy a glass of wine or beer on the house!
  • Enjoy renewed energy:
    The well-being of the family caregiver is just as vital as that of the person they are caring for. If a caregiver is feeling worn out or stressed, the chances are this will negatively impact the quality of care they can offer. A respite care stay at Silver Birch will ensure your regular caregiver returns to their caring duties with renewed energy and vitality.

Please contact us on 01473 597118 to arrange a visit to see the facilities for yourself and discuss how we can help your loved one requiring respite care.